Some say that it is the hardest langauge in the world to learn, right up there with Czech and Chinese. At the same time it's a beautiful language, rich in history with perhaps the most important literary canon outside of English.

Whatever your reasons are for learning the language - one student wanted to be an astronaut and thought that speaking Russian would help - it will be a voyage of discovery. Not just of today's culture, but of an entire way of thinking of a people. One of our favourite proverbs is "Every time you learn a language, you are human again". Nowhere could this be more true than with Russian.

  • sejour linguistique jeunes adultes cours de russe russie photo by alina grubnyak


    Découvrez la Russie. La Place Rouge de Moscou vous a toujours fascinée ? Les splendeurs de St-Petersburg vous attirent ? La Place Rouge ? Les nuits blanches d'été ?