Perhaps you've heard about the "white nights" or you've been attracted by the architecture or by the ballet or the theatres or it's simply a city that you've always wanted to visit while you sat in the classroom learning your alphabet and getting your head around the cases.

There's no doubt that St Petersburg remains one of "the" destinations in the world for any traveller and for students of Russian, even more so. Russia's second largest city, rich in tradition, history, art and culture, with a population more relaxed and open than what one might find in Moscow, St Petersburg is a fantastic destination to improve on what you already know in Russian and discover all that you don't!

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  • Derzhavin Institute beautiful main building

    Admiralteysky DI School

    Hostoric Centre

    With a reputation as one of St.Petersburg’s best language schools, Derzhavin Institute offers made to measure language courses to fit all academic objectives. The school is brillaintly situated in the city’s attractive historic centre.

  • voyage Saint Petersbourg russie batiment de l ecole de russe2

    Tsentralny School


    Do the splendours of St Petersburg attract you as the place to improve your Russian? As a chance to discover this fabled city in the east? You're right! This city steeped in culture is home to an excellent language school.