Is Italian the most beautiful of languages? As a romance language it would have to be the most admired. And most people have heard about the book, and the film in which learning Italian was an integral part of the character's life journey.Each year thousands of people try to learn Italian for any number of reasons; because they like the sound of it, because they were there on holiday, because of art, fashion food. But each year, many of those people give up because they didn't make the kind of progress they needed to have a conversation, or buy food in a shop or even study in an Italian university.

Learning Italian in a total immersion situation at an Italian language school in Itlay is an entirely different story. You learn all the basics (from beginner to advanced) in the safe environment of the classroom, and then outside, you have the chance to practice and use what you've learnt. If you've ever wanted to conquer the language, this is the way to do it. Imagine learning to cook Italian food in Italian! It's possible.



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    Italian is probably the most appreciated, most loved language in the world.Its seductive, almost sing-song intonantion charms studensts from all over the world regardless of culture, inspiring them to learn it simply for the pleasure.