There are enough adjectives, enough guides, enough words written that capture the essence of Rome to ensure that here, we don't need to add to them.
As a place to learn and improve your Italian, study for your exams, Rome probably chose you long before you chose it as you saw yourself zipping through the traffic on your scooter or cruising along on a Moto Guzzi, stopping for a sidewalk coffee. The Roman adage about all roads leading to Rome may no longer strictly be true, but most Italian learning roads at least pass through here because no voyage to mastering the language would be complete without making the eternal city a port of call.

For the language learner this city has everything, business courses for the professionals, art courses for the art lovers and academic courses for those wanting to become Italian teachers or go to an Italian university.

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  • Rome building

    Rome Central School

    City centre

    Opened in 1974, Dilit language school was one of the first schools in Italy to teach Italian as a foreign language.