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Have you seen a more beautiful entry to a school? Twenty-five years experience, four-time STM Star Awards winner, IALC member, this school has got a lot more going for it than just good looks. (This is Milan after all).
Ideally located in the middle of the city, close to both the train station and the metro, in a gorgeous art deco building, Giorgia's school has experience, high academic standards and a great atmosphere. At break time you can hang out in the courtyard or take a quick stroll outside. In the same neighbourhood as the school, for when you've finished class, are the best shops as the school is in a commercial area on one of the cities most important streets.

It's an ideal place to come professional or business Italian - including Italian and fashion, and students from all over the world do exactly that year round - over fifty different nationalities - to either improve their Italian overall or focus on an exam or the language needed for their career. 
If you are into fashion, art and design, this is the place for you.

  • What's great here !

    Italian & fashion courses given by industry professionals!

    Accommodation close to school - rare for a big city.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    Because of Giorgia - and our satisfied students! 

  • Who is this school for ?

    In particular, for fans of art, design, fashion and business.

  • Outside of School

    There's a social programme of optional activities prepared each week as a way to give you language students an easy way to discover the city and make new friends. The school is also culturally oriented so they also have Italian film nights, talks, and parties regularly taking place at the school. On the weekends if you've already shopped till you've dropped, there are excursions to places like Verona and Portofino.

    Of course, independent students can just get out there and discover the city and its surrounds on there own!