Italian is probably the most appreciated, most loved language in the world. Its seductive, almost sing-song intonantion charms studensts from all over the world regardless of culture, inspiring them to learn it simply for the pleasure.

For all that, learning Italian brings much more than just a language with it, as with every language it's a culture too that you discover: its art, history, cuisine plus the other attarctions hat go with the country itself - its spectaular  and varied landscape, its architecture, not to mention its beaches and the people themselves.

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  • apprendre l italien en immersion en italie bologne adultes

    Accademia Lingue School

    Old town centre

    In Bologna you'll find an authentique Italy with inhabitants that don't speak English, all in a charming, historic city.Established in 1999, ALCE language school offers the highest quality Italian language courses and out of this world cultural experiences to its students.

  • sejours linguistique apprendre l italien italie ville culturelle florence jeunes adultes sortie shopping

    Florence School

    Heart of the city

    In the heart of Florence, in a nice quiet street not far from the station, this highly rated language school offers a wide range of courses including Art and Culture in this most cultural of cities.

  • cours d italien italie ville mode milan adultes jardin de l ecole2

    Milan School

    Centre city near the stations

    Have you seen a more beautiful entry to a school? Twenty-five years experience, four-time STM Star Awards winner, IALC member, this school has got a lot more going for it than just good looks.(This is Milan after all).

  • Rome building

    Rome Central School

    City centre

    Opened in 1974, Dilit language school was one of the first schools in Italy to teach Italian as a foreign language.

  • apprendre l italien sud italie Taormina cours italien

    Taormina Cultural Centre

    Town centre

    In a heritage-protected villa, surrounded by sumptuous gardens and only 200m from a Greco-Roman theatre, our good friend Alessandro Adorno's amazing Italian language school provides the very best that Sicily has to offer to students from all over the world year after year.