If you know anything about Switzerland (and being based in Switzerland we think we know a little), it's probably that on the other side of the "rösti graben" (the imaginary dividing line between the Swiss-French part and the Swiss-German part - Zurich etc) - they speak Swiss-German or "Schwiizertüütsch".

But you know, the Swiss also learn "high-German" in school and here in this part of this amazing country (yes, we are proud of it!), you can have the best of both worlds: -

You can live in beautiful, amazing, wonderful Switzerland, take German classes and learn to speak German! If you are really keen, you could even improve your Swiss-German (mostly a spoken language).

Come and visit the lakes and mountains, the historic towns, the skiing, the hiking, the cows and their bells. It's all waiting for you as a great place to learn German. You might even meet Heidi!


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