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Here's an awesome little German language school where you feel good just by going every day! For more than 20 years, ... this school in the university town of Munster has been providing not just an exceptional environment for learning German, but more importantly, German courses of the very highest quality.

Perfectly structured, courses use up-to-the-minute materials and place the emphasis of your learning on your communicative abilities. Of course, all the German teachers are university-qualified and have many years experience of German language teaching under their belts. A long-stand member of the exclusive association of language schools IALC, the school undergoes regular quality-control assessments from independent inspectors.  
In Münster you have a good selection of language courses available to choose from, including long-term courses and examination preparation courses, as well an excellent lifestyle to dive into outside of your course.

  • What's great here !

    That the school is based in a town gorgeous town
    With only about 100 students on average you get really personal service and tuition.

  • Who is this school for ?

    It's perfect for students who want to make the most of the vibrance of a university town as well as making the most of very high quality teaching. For students interested in going on to study at the University of Munster the school runs a special preparation course and will also help prepare enrolment documents.

  • Outside of School

    It's a university town, o it's not like you'll be short of places to go, see and hang out. Still, the school organises 3 or 4 social/cultural activities per week to keep you amused. Guided tours of the city (essential at the start of a study abroad programme), bike tours, film evenings, pub evenings, sports etc etc.
    They'll also organise weekend trips away to nearby towns and the surrounding area if that rocks your boat. It should, after classes, the most important part of any study abroad  trip is getting to grips with the culture to better understand the language. Enjoy! learn! Have an awesome time.


Everything is going on very well here in Münster !
My accommodation is great and the landlords very lovely!
Courses are going on very well. I am in the B1 for now and should go up to B2 before Christmas.

Thanks for asking for some news. This city is a very pleasant city to live in!

Sandra V.