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Our partner school in Freiburg was founded in 1999. Located in the heart of the city two buildings are the basis of the school .
The main building, situated in a beautiful square filled with chestnut trees, is surrounded by cafés, restaurants and is a stone's throw from Fribourg University.

This excellent school is run by language learning professionals. It has every to offer its students: 12 classrooms, a large student lounge, and a terrace where you can hang out between and after your courses.

  • What's great here !

    - Really close to school accommodation
    - Most German exams are available
    - Amazing attention to your studies - An average of only 8 students per class!

  • Why do we like this school ?

    Excellent value for money and easy access from Switzerland.
    Super experienced team, always attentive to student needs.

  • Who is this school for ?

    This school is great if you are looking for a smaller centre, still full of life but also easy to get by train or car.
    If you like being in a city, but want a relaxed city atmosphere with less stress (than say Berlin!) this is a good choice.

  • Outside of School

    Like every school, afetr class activities are of offer - completely optional. You should go, of course. They are a great way to meet other students and improve your German at the same time.C

    Fribourg is neither too big nor too small. There's plenty to do and the school will introduce to all the best beer gardens as well as other more culturally significant activities.  EuropaPark is not that far away either...