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Learning German in Bamberg gives you the unique opportunity to improve your German while having an entirely authentic and enjoyable German cultural experience in one of northern Bavaria's most beautiful (UNESCO World Heritage site,) and vibrant towns. Somewhat off the beaten track and nothing like its big sisters,  Berlin, Hambourg, Munich...  Bamberg still has lots to do (14 museums, 10 beers bars in the centre of town, pop 77,000).

In a school that matches the warm welcome of the town you'll be in an environment where everybody knows your name. Experienced teachers, and people who care about your learning experience make this exactly the kind of school we like. Add to that, a good range of General German and exam courses, plus excellent accommodation options, it's all here. 
So as a place to learn German, Bamberg the city offers all the advantages of a big city but in a smaller, more authentic version, while the school is highly professional.

  • What's great here !

    - Small and personalised - as we like it! You won't be just a number, instead you'll get to know all the school staff Vous ne serez pas qu'un numéro parmi tant d'autres et vous bénéficierez d'une relation chaleureuse avec le personnel de l'école
    - We like that the school makes an effort to put its students in contact with locals to facilitate  total immersion.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    - Super well located in the centre of town
    - The close relationships between students and teachers
    - Small class sizes (about 5 student per class)

  • Who is this school for ?

    - It's a great school if you are looking for an authentic Learning German experience away from the crowds and tourists.
    - University-aged students and older students as well. The majority of students here are aged between 23 & 44.

  • Outside of School

    After school the school is well-versed in organising extra-curricular activities for you to participate in. Some will be just for fun, others will be more oriented to helping you continue to learn German in a natural setting outside of the classroom. 
    Apart from cultural activities and and showing you around on of the 10 beer bars in the centre of town, they also organise sports and activity afternoons on one of the numerous local parks. Everything is optional, so if throwing a frisbee or having beer is not your thing, you don't have to participate. 
    If you're a self-starter the city also has 14 museums... (!) and festivals are organised by the town regularly. It's a really active place!