What is it about the French and France that makes everyone want to learn their language? With a reputation for insouciance if not outright arrogance as well as an antipathy to foreigners, you might expect the world to give the place a wide berth. But no! Try a few words of French and they become the most delightful, caring, interested and interesting of people. Little wonder that France is the most visited country in world, the home of ... well you know, wine, cheese, food, beautiful poetry and literature and most of all... talking!

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    Language School in Rouen

    City centre

    Our school in Rouen, Normandy is a small to medium size school, accredited by the major professional French quality organisations (notably “Flé”) and international organisations like IALC.

  • aix square

    Language School in Aix

    City centre

    Do you dream of confidently ordering an espresso and croissant on the terrace of a traditional sunlit French café? Our brilliant French-school in beautiful Aix-en-Provence in the south of France has everything you need.