All about us: The Profile

and Philosophy

Aventure Linguistique S.A. is a study-abroad, language travel agency made up of a group of people who love languages and love travelling. We are all industry professionals, and the agency holds a number of important accreditations that include being: an EnglishUK partner agency, IALC partner agency, a Quality English authorised agent, and an ICEF agent.

We were Agency of the Month in the June 2007 edition of Language Travel Magazine. Then in 2013 we were nominated from among hundreds of competitors all over Europe as one of the top 5 agencies in Western Europe at the prestigious STM Star awards; a brilliant result for a small agency.
Then again, it shouldn’t be that surprising - we know what we’re doing! Everyone who works at AvL has spent many years in the language travel industry. We’ve worked in language schools teaching courses and helping students, we’ve taken language courses abroad ourselves, and organized thousands of courses for people. In fact if you’re not experienced you can’t work here. (Check out our Crew page to see who is who at the end of the phone!)

We use that experience regularly when we go to visit and inspect both prospective new schools and our existing partners. We also attend workshops around the world where we meet with schools and remain up-to-date with industry trends and news. By doing this we know which language schools are good, which are bad and which are indifferent.
As the client you benefit directly from this experience, our contacts and our research by being provided with a selection that will blow you away.
Our schools are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, but they are the best. Accredited, qualified, independent and experienced, with people we know personally running them.
For us, this quality and personal contact is essential. When choosing to work with a school we need to know that you are not just a number or simply another body in a class - as happens in some big schools. Instead we need to be sure that you are welcomed as a person with your own needs and wants. And because we have no financial interest in the schools we represent i.e. we don’t own the schools, our advice remains independent and objective. So we’re not going to send you somewhere because “Head Office” says so.

We believe that language learning is an individual journey. Thanks to the excellent relationships we maintain with our partners and friends, this is what you get, individual attention. And because we are dealing with independent institutions, we deal with the owners and directors at the school and not someone working 3000km away in the marketing department at Head Office. If there’s a problem we get it fixed, quick!


It's your life, your future, your adventure. You've made the decision to leave, to learn. You're going to leave everything you know behind, move out of your comfort zone. You're going to immerse yourself in a new culture with its sights, sounds traditions. At times you'll be lost, overwhelmed, but:

You're going to meet amazing people, expand your horizons beyond belief. You will come back and you will never be the same.