I am Finn. Also known as Finn the Destroyer - for obvious reasons.
Irish by nature, Swiss by birth, I was born in Interlaken and came to Nyon when I was 10 weeks old.
Named after Finn MacCool, the Irish mythological hero and architect of the Giant's Causeway, I am the the seventh son of seventh son (OK, maybe not the last bit ... but it sounds good.) Actually there were 12 of us ... I have no idea what number I was. 
I am smart, regally handsome and modest. I have trained the Boss to pick up my poop, wake an hour early for a morning constitutional, take me for yet more walks during the day, feed me and of course, give me constant attention.
I hate riding in cars, never pee or poop inside and sit on command (if I feel like it). I am scared of nothing and no-one - just so long as the Boss is around. (I'm a Setter... I love company.)
I am also a kleptomaniac, somewhat distractible, and admittedly rather stubborn. My idol is Wile E Coyote.
At a year old I weigh 30kg. But the bigger and older I get, the more wonderful I am.

If you like dogs, come say hello.


Office Dog




Irish Setter, International dog sign language (tail wagging and highly subtle posturing), English, French, Swiss-German


Interlaken to Nyon - hey, I'm only a year and a bit old.

Favourite Destination

The AvL office. I can lie around watching the Boss work, and the females give me belly rubs anytime I roll over and look cute for them.

Last holiday

Life is a holiday. Everything is a game. I'm a dog, man! Sleep, play, eat: repeat cycle. That's the key. (You humans have got it all wrong. Puppies, dogs, dolphins - we know...) 


My sense of smell is somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times better than yours. My hearing (when I'm listening) is out of this world.
I will never, ever tell you my real name. It's way too embarrassing. Utter it at your peril!