Denis Baker

First up, I'm living proof that you can learn a language from nothing in a foreign country. I've done it - arriving in Switzerland and not speaking French! (I'm still doing never stop learning).
Then, from my time as a language teacher, I've taught the courses, lived in many of the destinations we offer and as an ex-language school Head welcomed, week after week, language-travel adventurers from around the world coming to a new life.
So I get it... I know what it means to go away to learn a language.

At a professional level, putting all that experience to good use, my job means that I not only meet lots of students like you, but also lots of school directors and get to visit lots of schools. I also attend (too many according to my family) international conferences.
I like to think then, that with over 15 years experience I have an idea of what makes a great language school, what's hot and what's not, and hopefully, that I have enough experience to understand you, and help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Director, big boss, source of all wisdom


- Ex-language school director (in New Zealand).
- Fifteen years as a language teacher
- Bachelor of Science, University of London
- Master of Science: University of North Carolina Greensboro.


English, French ... (plus odds and sods of other languages)


 I left New Zealand when I was 21 years old to travel. After having lived in and travelled through many countries (including the US, where I studied, Australia, Southern France, England) I eventually ended up in Switzerland (it's a long story). Transit lounge seats (and floors) - I'm pretty familiar with.

Favourite Destination

New Zealand, of course – not many people, incredible scenery, less expensive than other countries, extraordinarily welcoming and charming, attractive, intelligent locals. (I am a New Zealander, after-all!)

Last holiday

Holidays - are you joking? The boss is always working! (In fact, I get to visit the schools we represent on a regular basis. England, Australia, New Zealand, Spain were the most recent destinations).


Sometimes, when the weather is good and my mid-life crisis is playing up, I ride to work on my 46 inch Original Pintail longboard (it's a skateboard).