I've completed the Reservation Form... now what happens?

  • About (generally) 24-48 hours after we've received your deposit, we'll send you an enrolment confirmation. 
  • Once you've received this confirmation, you can go ahead and book your flights/train tickets etc.
  • With the confirmation you'll also receive all the documents* you need to prepare your trip.
  • Your final invoice with the outstanding balance will be sent about 2 months before departure
    • NB: Please remember that having the required entry documents for the country of choice: (visas, "sorties de la territoire" etc.,) is your responsibility.

…and then you're off on your aventure linguistique!

NB: You can also follow the status of your booking in your client area "My Bag".

*Note 1: Reservations for Juniors
- Normally you'll have a number of essential documents to complete, sign and return to us (by email or post) - asap, please!

*Note 2 : Reservations for Adults (18 years +)
- As a rule, you won't receive your accommodation details until about 2 weeks before your departure date.