Fortunately or unfortunately, these days the only way to give yourself the career opportunities you deserve is to be comfortable working in a number of languages. And German, as the powerhouse economy of Europe, is one of the most important languages for you to master. The truth is, no matter how many on-line courses you take, night classes, lessons from a language teacher provided by your company, until you spend some time completely immersed in the language in the country, you are unlikely to make the kind of progress necessary to say that you can operate in the language.

Going to Germany and learning German in the country is your way forward. Taking courses designed for you, for your career, for your work environment in an intensive, total immersion setting.

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  • Formation Linguistique Berlin City building

    Berlin Mitte Adults

    Mitte (centre)

    Our Berlin partner school is the perfect location for adults and professionals to improve (or even start) their German.Centrally located, with excellent public transport access around the city, the school occupies its own building with residential accommodation on site.