For everyone:

  • Once you've completed filling in the form and sent it you'll see a summary on your screen and receive a copy of the completed form in your email.
  • You need to pay a deposit to confirm your enrolment. (Details on the form sent or here)
  • 24-48 hours after we've received your deposit and processed your enrolment, you'll receive a confirmation with the necessary your documents.
  • The balance of your invoice (less deposit) is due about 2 months before departure or on receipt of the invoice if departure is in less than 2 months 
  • The balance is payable only by BVR, bank transfer or cash.

1. Reservation without having contacted us, and without offer sent. (Unusual! Contact us before booking.)

  • On our website, go to the page of the school you've selected
  • Click "Book Now" (blue arrow) in the right-hand column
  • Complete the form (page 1=school/course, page 2=personal info)
  • Hit SEND !

- You'll see a summary of the completed form on your screen. A copy is also sent to your email address.
- A second will also give you a password to the client area My Bag where you can track your reservation.

2. OR : After having spoken to us and received an offer/quote.

My bag -> My budgets -> Reserve

  • Click the icon "My Bag(bag & key et clef) - top right of the screen.
  • Enter your email address & password (Previously emailed to you) 
    • No password? Click "I forgot my Password" to generate one automatically. (Cool, huh?)
  • Click My Budgets (3rd tab in the list on the left.)
  • Choose the desired offer and click  "Book Now". (It might say "Calculate my Budg" if the wrong message is still showing (working on it - sorry)
  • Complete the personal info required and hit Send.

- Pay the despoit
- Wait for our confirmation (see above)

3. OR : Booking via the magic link we sent you! (One time only)

-> My budgets -> Book Now

  • Click the link for a direct access to your: My Bag
  • Complete the personal info required and hit Send.

- Pay the despoit
- Wait for our confirmation (see above)

Then what happens?... Click here to find out! :)