English2 Results

  • High School in New Zealand

    English in New Zealand

    If you’re into the outdoors or you want to go somewhere completely different with few French speakers, where the locals are exceptionally welcoming, then New Zealand is the place for you! This is your chance for a true total language immersion experience! Your constant exposure to English is practically guaranteed...

  • Secondary School (13-17)


    England remains an excellent destination for young students to study English.The High School (or secondary school) immersion programme offers students a chance to continue their studies, but doing so in English.

German1 Results

  • Secondary School (13-17)


    Aventure Linguistique, along with our partners in Germany, offers your the opportunity to have your child study at a German High School (public or private) and follow the German school syllabus. This is a great way for your child to master German quickly and naturally.