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    Everything's going great here! It's non-stop, but the school is very good, and the courses perfectly adapted. I've already made lots of progress.
    The people here are really nice and there are plenty of activities made available to us. It's really well organised.
    There nothing to add about the locals either and the city is just magnificent! It's full of bars and clubs - it never sleeps! Thanks to you, I've really landed on my feet. Thanks for everything :)


    My boys went to Germany on a study abroad trip for the first time at the ages of 10 and 12. They loved it and have been back every year for the last 6 years. Aventure Linguistique has always suggested programmes that are just right for their age - to the point that they forget the academic part of their adventure! Aventure Linguistique know what they are doing, they know the schools and the environment - something that is reassuring to parents and stimulating for their children.


    Thanks for your message and sorry for the slow reply... it's just that I'm always busy here! The town is really nice, the people are lovely and the weather glorious :) For everything concerning the school I'm also really happy. I really like the very small number of French-speakers in the school as well as the very professional staff, who are always ready to listen.
    My home-stay are perfect for me and are really welcoming!
    See you soon! Arthur