The safest place in the world to travel

vendredi 19 juin 2009

Looking for a safe place to learn English?

Some where with friendly people, beautiful scenery, skiing in the winter, surfing and big empty beaches in the summer, plus the the youngest country in the world...

Nouvelle-Zélande ! C'est simple !

NEW ZEALAND / NOUVELLE-ZELANDE has been voted the safest place in the world to travel on the Global Peace Index.

Apart from being safe :

- If you stay longer than 3 months or so it's cheaper than England and just about anywhere else

- There are less francophones in New Zealand than in Australia so you speak more English

- If you're a French citizen you can get a Work Holiday visa

- And even as a Swiss if you can get more than 5.0 on IELTS - not too hard, you can get a part-time work visa.

- The accent isn't as strong as some other countries like Ireland

- There are a lot of sheep

- New Zealanders are the most beautiful people in the world (personal opinion!)