Kathia en séjour linguistique à Wimbledon - actualités

mardi 27 octobre 2009

Hello Denis!

How are you?

Everything is very good here: my family, the school, the city, ...
I like London very much!

First, I want to tell you about the accommodation...

I perfectly understand what you told me in your previous e-mail because I always told before that I don't want to go to an host family. And now I'm back in my host family and I am really very happy about that. They are so nice and their house is big and beautiful!

Every evening I play games with the three boys and the parents are very helpful (like all the english people! For example, if you have a map in your hand, everyone want to help you!!!). I can use their kitchen for the dinner and I can often eat with the family even though I should normally only have the breakfast (they prefer not proposing the half board because they are often not at home in the evening).

I staid only during one week in the King's Lodge Residence but I didn't feel me very well in this place.

It's not too bad but I was disappointed with my room and I don't think that it's a "luxourious" residence as it is written in the papers of the school (but I want to say again that it's only my personal opinion). Furthermore, it's important to know that the last evening before I left the residence there was a very big party in the house and nobody told me about that before.

There's a new residence which is called "Queens Lodge" where one of my friend lived and I think that its quality is better but there's probably the same problem with the parties.
However, the accomodation office is very helpful. They allowed me to change my accomodation and to return in my host family. They have a very good staff!

In conclusion, I understand that it's very difficult for you to give advices for the accomodation because from my point of view it depends on the school.
I asked a lot of people and I strongly believe that the Wimbledon School has a very good network of host family (in contrast to other schools I think because I heard in the past very bad experiences with other schools in UK and in Australia). But here every student is very happy with his host family!

Concerning the school and the courses, I'm really very happy with them !!!

I have started with my legal english course last Monday. We are only two students in my class and we have two different teachers who are very good.
We work very quickly and very much (we also have many homeworks) because we have to prepare the ILEC exam but that is exactly what I wanted.
The social program of the school is also very interesting. I plaid tennis, I watched the musical comedy "Sister Act" four weeks ago and I am going to look at the "Lion King" tomorrow. The school offers very good prices for these shows.
In addition, I often borrow some books and DVD's in the school's library.

Finally, I think that Wimbledon is a very good choice because it's a small city but it's also easy to go to London and I like this amazing city very much!

Thank you for everything!

My best regards,