lundi 21 mars 2011

Manly : Le coin de paradis à Sydney, Australie pour apprendre l'anglais

Sam Milton, directrice du Sydney English Academy, (SEA) Manly, Australie vous explique le charme et les avantages qui fait Manly, Sydney l'une des destinations le plus belle et le plus attirante pour étudier anglais au monde.

- Situation, opportunités de travailler, superbe surf et plages, des familles chaleureuses, supérieur mélange de nationalitiés, et une vie sociale à l'école non-pareil rendre Manly le "must" pour tous qui recherche l'aventure australien.

When experienced teachers Mick Edwards and Sam Milton established the Sydney English Academy (SEA) in 2001, they envisaged a school where each student would have every assistance to achieve their English-learning goals, whilst having the time of their life.  After 10 years and glowing feedback from the thousands of students they’ve taught, they’re really proud that their dream has become a reality.

The Sydney English Academy is located just a two-minute walk from beautiful Manly Beach, on the West Coast of Australia, just 15 minutes from Sydney city centre.  Manly has a village feel, so it’s very quickly feel that you belong, and the locals are friendly and welcoming so there are plenty of opportunities to practise your English with native speakers.

There are also plenty of work opportunities in Manly as it is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations for both locals and overseas visitors alike. On arrival, SEA students receive their Work Plus guide offering a great range of job-seeking advice and information, and SEA staff are happy to assist students with writing their resumes and applying for jobs.

The area boasts some of the best surf and swimming beaches in Australia, and the beauty and convenience of the location is exploited in the range of social activities offered at the SEA.  Some popular examples are kayaking on Sydney Harbour, beach barbecues at Shelly Beach, bushwalks and beach volleyball.  Unlike most schools, at least one of our teachers always accompanies students on these activities, allowing SEA students the opportunity to keep practising their English whilst getting to know, and having lots of fun with their teachers outside of class!

Most of SEA’s wonderful home-stay families are also located along the stunning Northern Beaches coast, with many of them located in walking distance of the beach.  Each family is personally met by Sam, one of the directors.  Although Sam meets many families, only the best are selected.  Sam understand that your home life is just as important as your studies and that without a happy, secure home it is very difficult to optimise your progress.  SEA has a great variety of homestay families, but the one thing they all have in common is that they make SEA students feel welcome and part of the family.

The SEA is a second home to around 100 students at a time, with an even balance of students from South America, Europe and Asia.  This is one of the reasons so many students recommend the school to their friends; unlike in many schools where it’s difficult to practise English because you meet so many people from your own country, SEA has a nationality mix second-to-none.  Added to this, the size of the school encourages students to mix and meet friends from different countries rather than just socialising with people from their own country.

So at SEA you’re guaranteed a fantastic social life, but you’re also guaranteed success in your academic progress, which is why, after all you’re here.  The SEA ensures this by timetabling Progress Check Tests at the end of each 4-week term.  These tests comprise both a written and a speaking component and are followed with a 1:1 interview for each student with their class teacher.  In this way each student’s progress can be tracked and teachers are able to offer students personalised study tips.

In summary, there is something special about studying in a school where you are known to everyone; students and staff alike.  As the directors of the school are on-site each day, if you need assistance or have a question you will get a response straight from the top, straight away.  Mick and Sam are confident that you too will love the special experience SEA offers; come and try it!

Belong … Enjoy … Succeed