Ce test permet de determiner votre niveau académique en anglais. Pour que le résultat soit valide, vous devez le réaliser en 40 minutes.
  • Choisissez le mot ou l'expression qui compléte le mieux chaque phrase.
  • Si vous n'avez pas fini au bout de 40 minutes, arrétez-vous et cliquez sur "Afficher le résultat".
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1. Hello Marcel, __________? I'm very well, thank you.
How it is How are you How you are How do you

2. What's __________ name? Marcel Foucault.
you your yours you're

3. How old are you? __________.
I twenty Me is twenty I've twenty I'm twenty

4. __________ is your address? 12, rue André Malraux, Lyon.
How Who What When

5. Is this your pen? __________.
No, it isn't No, isn't it No, he isn't No, there isn't

6. Where is Amelie from? __________ from Montreux.
It is Her is He is She is

7. __________name is Pierre Gaillard.
His He's He Her

8. Philippe __________ a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.
aren't isn't not doesn't

9. This is John and Sue. ___________ are from Brighton in England.
They Their Them This

10. Have you got a mobile phone? Yes, ___________.
I got I've got I've I have

11. __________ eight students in my class.
They are It is There are There is

12. Do you live in Lausanne? Yes, __________.
I live I don't I do live I do

13. Is that __________ car? No, it isn't.
they their there they're

14. __________ is this T-shirt? It's 27.50 €.
Where How many How much Who

15. What's her job? She's __________.
a actress actress the actress an actress

16. __________ your car? It's in the car park.
Which is Who's When's Where's

17. __________ phone is this? It's mine.
Whose What's Who's Who

18. __________ three windows in my room.
They are There are There is It is

19. She __________ an apartment in Paris.
got have got has got is got

20. __________ cousins have you got? Only one.
How much How old How are How many

21. Is there any pasta left? __________.
No, there isn't Yes, there is any Yes, they is No, there aren't

22. My favourite singers are Shakira and Madonna but Michel doesn't like __________ at all.
they them their it

23. There aren't __________ people here today.
many a lot much the many

24. We haven't got __________.
some children any children a children one children

25. Do you speak Chinese? No, I __________.
don't speak not speak not don't

26. What does he do? __________.
He's doctor He's a doctor He's doctoring Yes, he does

27. He __________ in an office every morning from eight to twelve.
working works work am working

28. Do you like __________? Yes, I do.
to shop shop to shopping shopping

29. I go __________school in Geneva.
at to in on

30. I stop work __________ six o'clock.
at to in on

31. He plays football__________ Saturday.
at to in on

32. I walk to school __________ the morning.
at to in on

33. How do you get to work? __________
By car In car By the car On car

34. Do you like chocolate? __________
Yes, I likes Yes, I like Yes, I does Yes, I do

35. Where is Natalie? She__________over there.
is stand is standing stand standing

36. I'm hungry. __________a sandwich, please.
I like I'd want I'd like I'm like

37. He __________ born in 1923 in Canada.
had is was did

38. Switzerland is __________ than Australia.
as small smallest more small smaller

39. Florence is the __________ city in the world.
most beautiful beautifullest more beautiful as beautiful

40. He passed his English exam very __________.
easy easier good easily

41. When __________ you go to New Zealand? Last month.
did was went have

42. Did she cook dinner? __________
No, she didn't No, she didn't stay No, she stayed not No, she didn't stayed

43. Paulo's never __________ to New York.
gone was been went

44. I've dropped all my books. Never mind. __________ you.
I'll help I'm helping I help I'd help

45. __________ you ever visited London?
Did Do Were Have

46. He's learning __________ a bus.
to drive driving drive the driving

47. I can't stand __________ in the rain.
to walk walking walk to walking

48. He goes to the gym three times __________.
by week the week in week a week

49. Let's go somewhere else. There's __________ noise in this room.
too many too much enough too

50. It's a very long day for Michel. He doesn't get home from school __________ six o'clock.
since to towards until

51. They usually __________ at home but today they __________ lunch in a restaurant.
are eating, have eat, have eat, are having are eating, are having

52. We didn't stay late __________ we were very tired.
because so that until

53. I think most people __________ English for their jobs in the future.
need are needing will need will have needed

54. Teenagers today like wearing casual clothes so leather shoes aren't __________trainers.
as fashionable than as fashionable as more fashionable as fashionable

55. A friend of __________ phoned this morning but __________ didn't leave a message.
you, she you, her yours, she yourself, hers

56. We __________ lunch when the phone __________.
had, rang were having, rang were having, was ringing had, has rung

57. You __________ open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous.
must mustn't should don't have to

58. If you don't want to burn yourself you __________ lie in the sun all day.
won't don't shouldn't couldn't

59. If I have enough money next year, I __________ to New Zealand.
will go go would go went

60. It's usually quite warm in September __________ it often rains, __________ bring a raincoat.
but, so so, because unless, but for, as

61. __________ she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
However Although But When

62. __________ for the bus, a man with a gun ran out of the bank opposite us.
As we were waiting When we waited As soon as we waited Until we waited

63. It's the best film __________. You should go and see it.
I ever saw I've ever seen I've never seen I've already seen

64. They went to Australia __________ a month __________ summer.
during, the for, during for, last last, during

65. I don't think life __________ better in the future.
won't be will be be is

66. I haven't heard from Sarah for ages. I wonder __________.
what she like how is she how she is how does she

67. We're not paying a builder to mend the fireplace. We've decided to do it __________.
us ourselves ourself our own

68. I always take an umbrella __________ it rains.
however despite in case as

69. We __________ go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we're tired.
nearly never hardly never hardly ever ever

70. That sofa __________ comfortable. Can I try it?
looks looks like is like like

71. I __________ be late for work this morning. I've got a lot to do before midday.
don't have to couldn't don't mustn't

72. They've lived in that house __________ they were children.
for during since until

73. A lot __________ to the house before we can move in.
needs be doing needs done needs doing needs to do

74. I'll get an electrician __________ the heating.
mend to mend for mending mending

75. You __________ come with us if you don't want to.
must haven't to aren't supposed to don't have to

76. When he arrived a crowd __________ for several hours to greet him.
had been waiting is waiting has been waiting was waiting

77. She's just bought a brand new car so she __________ be able to drive.
can't must won't probably

78. You __________ show your passport at the frontier if you want to get across.
have to are supposed to should are allowed to

79. __________ she was an hour late, she didn't apologise.
In spite of Even though However Because

80. They don't like him at all. He treats them __________ they were children.
as if if only in case although

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