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You’ll live with regular New Yorkers during your home-stay, accommodated in double bedrooms shared with another language student. All host families are located in Brooklyn, on average 30 minutes by subway from the language school, occasionally a little further. For the first week, it is possible to organise to have someone accompany you from your host family to the language school until you get your bearings. However, by the time the second week of this programme swings round, most participants don’t have any issues taking the subway on their own. As you’ll share a room during your home-stay, there are always two of you taking the subway together.
Multiculturalism is one of New York’s great characteristics; while English is always be spoken by hosts, they also come from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Asian, African and Hispanic origins. Host families vary between families with children, retired couples, single mothers or individuals. To ensure that you have a great time during your stay in Brooklyn, it’s important to remain conscience that your host’s customs and routines will differ from yours, especially when it comes to eating hours and food preferences. 


Breakfast and dinner is eaten with your host family, while lunches are served at the language school after your English classes or in various restaurants around the city during excursions. On Friday evening, a dinner out is organised by the language school in a restaurant in Manhattan.


Homestay - included in fee

Double room, full-board

From $ 0
  • Age
  • Popularity of accommodation
  • Distance
    30 minutes average
  • Availability
    25.06 - 29.07.2017
wk(s) - 2018 Price
2 - 5 $ 0 / wk
  • 14 Minimum