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Are you looking for a sure-fire way for your child to achieve results while having the trip of a lifetime? Why not learn English while living in the teacher's home?  Throughout the duration of this course, a teacher will personally take care of your child as they learn English and discover this beautiful country. They’ll learn about British culture and the English language in this innovative approach to learning. Students enjoy all the benefits of exciting extra curricular activities, balanced with studious lessons. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about anything (other than a little pocket money!) as everything is organised and included in the price: English lessons, all planned activities and excisions.

Your child’s stay is planned well in advance so that you can rest assured that they’re in great hands. Each participant decides on the number of English lessons to take each week. Depending on goals, inclinations and concentration, choose to study 15, 20 or 25 hours of English lessons every week over a 5-day period.

Check out the Sample Timetable below for a fuller description of what happens after classes in the mornings finish.


Teachers in this programme are based in multiple cities across the UK, with several based near Bristol and Bath. Make sure that you mention your preferred destination before hand, whether it’s to spend time in a city, in the countryside or by the sea. We’ll then do our best to find a teacher that corresponds exactly to the needs of your child for an unforgettable experience!


The English teacher, who also hosts your child, will have been through a rigorous selection process. They’re chosen to ensure that all participants in this programme have an extraordinary time in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. 

All teachers are experienced, qualified and have been fully vetted (including an official Police clearance) to ensure they provide the best care possible.
Learning English in the teacher's home comes with some great advantages:

  • Sure-fire results: your child has their own tutor – there’s no getting out of class!
  • Personalised tuition for your child’s needs
  • Discover a British family, their values and culture
  • Effective learning through private lessons
  • Individual or shared courses with another student
  • Accommodation directly with the teacher and their host-family
  • Available in different destinations across England (choose an urban, rural or coastal setting)
  • Possibility for two children, with the same level of English, to study together

Programme characteristics

  • Choose how many hours of English to study each day
  • Take this course anytime of the year, for a minimum of one week
  • Study materials included
  • Pre-arrival assessment (on-line)
  • Activities, trips and excursions are organised
    • 2x half-day trips/week (1x full day weekend trip for courses longer than 2 weeks)
  • End of course report
  • Certificate of attendance


  • General English 1-1 or 2-1 (2-1 = siblings, friends together, same level)
  • Exam preparation (English exams - IELTS, Cambridge etc or Academic exams - Bacc, Matutité etc) (ask us!)
  • Duo (summer only) - be matched with a student from another country for a 2-1 (same gender, same level, same dates, different mother tongue)
  • Rural experience - be hosted in the English countryside.

How does it work?

Once you've completed our booking form, our partner school will choose the best teacher for your child based on the criteria you've provided (not necessarily the location):

  • Desired study dates
  • Hobbies, interests
  • Your child's personality...
  • Location

Arrivals and departures

Transfers from airports and train stations are planned before your child’s departure. All transfers are booked and organised as soon as you send over the flight details.
All participants arriving by air are picked up at the airport arrivals hall with the help of a placard sent over before departure. Either the teacher or a reserved taxi will be there to welcome and pick your child up.
For the return journey, your child will be accompanied throughout the check-in process right up until security.
The transfer expense is not included in the price, but the escort is!
For younger students, you have the option of booking them as an Unaccompanied Minor with the airline. If you do so, your child will be taken care of from the moment they’re dropped off at the airport right up until they arrive at the destination airport. Make sure to check the details of Unaccompanied Minor procedures directly with the airline.


Airport welcome pick-up return from the closest airport to your teacher.
Price varies. Please ask us!
Please respect the time window for arrivals/departures
Please note that, in accordance with UK Border Control rules and regulations, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the airport/international station. That means someone from the school must be there to meet them. It also means that, on departure, someone from the school must stay at the airport until after the plane has left.
Therefore, if your child’s flight/train arrival or departure is booked outside of standard transfer times, Out Of Hours Transfer fees will apply. 
Students cannot wait by themselves at airport/train stations.


Arrivals Sunday
Departures Saturdays
-9:00 - 17:00
- Landing and take-off times !

Sample Timetable

13 - 17 year olds

  • Morning English Courses
  • Excursions as included in the programme (see below)

In the afternoons after class, when there is not a formally planned excursion or activity students have free time for:

  • homework! (woo-hoo!)
  • spend some time at home with the teacher and family
  • do normal everyday stuff with the teacher and family (shopping, for example)
  • go out and explore the local area

NB: The teacher is always available to these older students BUT is not obliged to supervise them all the time.
In their free time this age group is able to go to the cinema or to a gym, visit the local town etc after their courses.
Lots of teachers have bikes available for students to use...

In summer the 2:1 DUO programme is really popular !! (the school will find a partner for your child of the same language level but from a different country/mother tongue).

Organised Excursions/Activities:

In both programmes organised excursions/activities like visits to museums, zoos, theme parks and other cities in the region are included in the price. They are suggested to your child on arrival for their benefit and pleasure - so there is an element of choice :)

1 week prog. : 2 afternoon excursions
2 week + prog. : 2 afternoons + 1 full-day excursion on the middle weekend.

Extra Excursions/activities

If you think your 14 - 17 old needs to be more fully occupied or better supervised then you can reserve the daily activity 10-13 year old programme for them as an extra.
Other special excursions like Harry Potter World, trips to London, the theatre etc can be booked on request - ask us!

6 - 12 year olds : (please ask us about these special programmes.)

  • Morning English Courses
  • Daily afternoon activities with the teacher after classes.
    (For example: art, cooking, baking, projets etc)
  • Excursions as included in the programme (see below)

These younger students are supervised 100% of the time by the teacher and/or suitable family members. They are not allowed out unsupervised.

The information above is for example purposes only.


Bonjour à toute l’équipe, William est bien rentré de son séjour linguistique. Excellent déroulement et coordination de tous ! Vos recommandations sur le professeur ont été judicieuses. Ce séjour a été très apprécié par William. Si vous souhaitez plus de détails, nous sommes tout à fait disposés à remplir un questionnaire. Merci pour votre excellent suivi et votre gentillesse !
Bien à vous

Yann & Elisabeth B., parents de William

Rémi a été très content et le séjour chez la prof l'a "débloqué" il tourne à une très bonne moyenne depuis (15-16/20) ! Avec son copain, ils avaient été ravis de l'accueil familial.

Françoise P., maman de Rémi

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