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Music - with option: vocal (singing)/Instrumental

One, two; one, two, three, four...

This is your chance to meet and play with other young musicians from around Europe, all while improving your English, having an amazing time and getting ahead for your next year at school.

If you're a vocalist the singing option will give you the chance to explore your range, tonality, singing style and of course, teach you to sing in English. It's a fantastic way to boost your confidence in all areas! There'll be an evaluation on the first Monday of the programme and yes, a performance on Friday evening!


  • Average teacher-student ratio 1:8
  • Dedicated music room and theatre
  • Monday evaluation
  • Friday performances

Other info

This is the sister music programme to the one available available at the Seaford centre. The difference when choosing is mainly the dates available and whether one centre seems to suit you more than the other.

This is a very popular language summer camp. The focus is on quality instruction - whether it's musical or language. Whatever your level in English, there'll be a level for you.

For parents, the supervision is 24/4. There's a nurse on site and the kids are very well looked after. Three square meals day - of better than expected quality (though never as good as mum's cooking). See "accommodation".
Just a word of caution: the days are packed! (In a good way, parents!) After a day of English and music, the evenings are full of activities from karaoke to films, discos, quizzes, parties and all sorts of themed-evenings! Be prepared to finish your day happily tired!
Like all our camps, there's a strict limit on the percentage of nationalities/languages at the camp (20% / week) - so it won't be dominated by one group of, for example, only French-speakers or only Spanish-speakers etc etc etc.
NB: This camp fills up very quickly especially for the first weeks in July, so please try to book early i.e. before Easter!

English language lessons

All English language teachers are fully qualified and experienced: - not just at teaching English, but at teaching kids and adolescents in an engaging and educational manner. You'll cover grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Of course, outside the classroom you'll get even more speaking and listening practice with the sports instruction! Click on the tab "Courses" to see what's available. Arrival day is Sunday, and on your first Monday you do an English test to find the right level class for you. Depending on your level and the organisation on site, you'll do either music or English in the morning. It can change...

The camp tries to make all English lessons as useful and as practical as possible. The aim is to develop the students' communicative ability and their vocabulary, not only for them for them to make a lasting change to their English, but also so they can make the most of their stay, make new friends. 
15 hours of English per week are provided:

  • Testing and marks Mondays
  • 5 different levels (beginner to advanced)
  • 14 students / class maximum
  • Modern course materials (revised each year!)
  • Friendly, experienced, engaging teachers
  • Graduating certificate on successful completion of the programme


Everyone at the campus, whether doing sports or music does the excursions together. North-west of Bournemouth and south-west from Salisbury, the college is close to all manner of attractions. If you’re staying for more than a week, weekend excursions are included in the price of your stay. And it's not just about fun. Prior to each excursion, you’ll be taught the necessary English vocabulary and provided with all the information needed to ensure you have a great time (and improve your English a bit more...)! 
Trips to a theme or water park take place on Saturdays and cultural visits to touristic destinations take place on Sundays. You’ll travel to and from different places by bus, supervised by one staff member for every 6 – 10 students, depending on the age of the group. 


After a day of music, you’ll join in with evening activities including karaoke, quizzes and a Friday night disco. Games are also organised outdoors so you can play with your coach – or against them! Younger students stay on campus throughout their stay, while older students (15 – 16 years old) have a bit more freedom and can go on supervised excursions, such as to the cinema or bowling mid-week. Games etc are age-appropriate so older kids won't get bored.


Located in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Worth has housed the Benedictine School since the early 1930s. It is within easy reach of London and Brighton and only 25 minutes from Gatwick airport. With great facilities and boarding houses providing a wonderful and safe environment for our students to experience and enjoy.

Arrivals and Departures

Students are welcomed and transferred in groups to and from airports and train stations. If you arrive outside of a pre-arranged arrival time, an additional cost will be incurred as a private taxi must be organised. There are several transfers during day, but delays do occur occasionally. If you really don't want your child to wait at all, pay for a private transfer, but it's a very expensive option for not much gain.


Transfers from and to:

  • Airports: Heathrow (LHR) ou Gatwick (LGW)
  • Train station: St Pancras

£80 one-way : £160 return
Out of hours private transfers: 
£160 one-way
*Please  stay within the specified arrival times.
Please note that, in accordance with UK Border Control rules and regulations, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the airport/international station. Therefore, if your child’s flight/train departure time is booked outside of standard transfer times, Out Of Hours Transfer fees will apply. Students cannot wait by themselves.


  • Arrivals Sundays 1000 to 1500
  • Departures Saturdays 1200 to 1700

*NB - These are take-off and landing times of the aircraft (train arrival/departure)!
Outside these times you're billed for a private transfer.

Sample Timetable


Day Morning 12h30 Afternoon Afternoon 2 Evening
Sun. Excursion Lunch Arrivals/Excursion Excursion Games/Disco/FUN
Mon. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English Games/Disco/FUN
Tues. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English Games/Disco/FUN 
Wed. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Games/Disco/FUN
Thurs. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Games/Disco/FUN
Fri. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Games/Disco/FUN
Sat. Depart/Excursion   Depart/Excursion Depart/Excursion Games/Disco/FUN

The information above is for example purposes only.