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Accommodation is organised as home-stay with a family, which is a great way to practice your English on a daily basis and to learn about British culture. The language school will be in easy reach, only a 10 – 20 minute bus ride away. And you’ll have the choice of staying in a single or double room, though make sure to book early if you’d prefer a single!


Breakfasts and dinners are eaten with your host family, while your hosts give you a packed lunch for mid-day. In the UK, meal times are probably different than what you’re used to, but try to adapt to these cultural nuances and take advantage to taste different food! If you have any particular dietary requirements, just let us know when you register for this course so that arrangements can be made.


Home-Stay - included

Double room, full board

From £ 0


A home-stay truly is a unique experience and by far the best way to immerse yourself in the English language. You’ll most probably have to adapt to the different routines of daily life but this is part and parcel of the great experience of discovering a new culture! Take this opportunity to ask your hosts lots of questions and find out more about themselves, their town and their language. The more you communicate the more you’ll learn, not just English, but also about Chester, the UK, your hosts and yourself!

  • Age
    13-16 years
  • Popularity of accommodation
  • Distance
    15 -20 minutes
  • Availability
wk(s) - 2019 Price
1 - 4 £ 0 / wk
  • 13-16 years Minimum