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Pack you bags and head off to Ecuador’s awesome beaches for your study abroad Spanish language course in the charming town of Montanita! Recognised by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education, Montanita Spanish School has been listed in the top six Spanish schools in the world. The quality of teaching here is excellent. Language teachers are experienced and the school is recognised for its high standards and friendly atmosphere.

The language school is located in a small, charming costal town on the Pacific Ocean that boasts a festive atmosphere – an incredible town in which to learn Spanish!
With a beautiful view on the ocean, the school is nestled on top of a small hill, which also gives you breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside. And you’ll only be 5 minutes from the beach, restaurants and shops. If you’re looking to learn Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere with motivated teachers, recognised for their high teaching standards, this is the place for you!
There’s no doubt that you’ll have a truly unique experience in Montanita. With its great ambiance, beautiful beaches and tons of activities to try out, you’ll find yourself looking into planning your next trip back before you’ve even completed your course!

  • What's great here !

    • The staff and teachers are friendly and great at what they do.
    • Take yoga and salsa classes on the terrace and don’t forget the daily surf lessons!
    • An amazing programme in which you learn Spanish, travel and discover four or five different destinations within Ecuador over the course of a few weeks.


  • Why do we like this school ?

    • One of the only schools in the world where you’re welcomed with a sign that reads “please leave your flip-flops at the door”. Everyone goes barefoot here  ☺
    • Fancy having your Spanish course on a balcony overlooking the ocean?!
    • The school accommodation- the cabanas - with pool. Legendary!
  • Who is this school for ?

    • Those who are looking for small classes with fantastic teachers in a superb location – and great value for money!
    • For people who are looking for a relaxed, festive and safe atmosphere!
    • For fans of the beach, surfing and partying to the sounds of Latin music!
  • Outside of School

    Most activities in Montanita revolve around the beach: it’s chilled out atmosphere fits in perfectly with the shining sun, rolling waves and soft sand. There’s so much to do here, both on the water, underwater and on land! From surfing to scuba diving and yoga to salsa, the party really gets started with beach BBQs and its lively nightlife. It’s also definitely worth checking out Montanita’s surroundings, where you’ll find all sorts of different attractions and activities. A great way to visit the surrounding countryside is on a horse excursion. Or why not hike through the Cloud Forest, take up paragliding or head out into the Pacific Ocean on a boat trip to explore some of the beautiful islands, rich in flora and fauna?