This is the programme with the destinations that everyone at Aventure Linguistique wants to go on for their holidays!

What an amazing destination to learn Spanish under the sun in an entirely unique environment. By taking off for Cuba in this way you will do more than simply improve your Spanish (and maybe your salsa), you'll get under the skin of the island and meet the people in a way regular tourists can't.

Off the beaten track of Spanish schools, this is an entirely different programme. You can forgot big school buildings, and regular classrooms of chalk and talk. Instead you get mini-groups, close-contact and Cuban-style.

More than offering simply stunning scenery, Cuba lays bare it's rich history and is probably one of the most welcoming countries we know for foreign students. Generally a very safe place where you can easily explore the island in small groups - and you are bound to hook up with other like-minded souls who would like to travel while studying.

So what do you think? Make a Caribbean beach-shot your screen-saver after your next study abroad experience?

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  • Havana woman2

    Study-Team Havana


    What's different about studying Spanish in Cuba? Everything! It's nothing like your standard language school in other parts of the world.First of all, there's no school - well, no school building with classrooms, computer room, library etc etc.

  • Trinidad

    Study-Team Trinidad

    Trinidad de Cuba

    The Spanish courses in Trinidad share the particularity of the courses all over Cuba: classes in mini-groups of 2 or 3 students, given not in a school building but either where you live or at the teacher's home. This is the Cuban version of school: small but authentic.

  • StgoCuba 9

    Study-Team Santiago

    Reparto Sueno neighbourhood

    Just like the other "schools" in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is the school that isn't a school.No building, no fixed abode.