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Do the splendours of St Petersburg attract you as the place to improve your Russian? As a chance to discover this fabled city in the east?

You're right! This city steeped in culture is home to an excellent language school. Five time STM Star award winner (now a "Super-Star") - the language school industry equivalent of the Oscar's, they are the experts at getting your Russian up and Cossack dancing. (You do need to have mastered the alphabet to attend the school).

There's a wide range of courses ,some great options for advanced students and a social programme that insures you have the chance to get out and discover the city. The accommodation will give you the opportunity, (if you'd like it) to meet and live with Russians.

This is it. To take the next step in Russian language learning, whether it be just for love of the literature or to prepare to enter university, total immersion in the country is the only way to go. St Petersburg, is the most amazing city in which to do it.


  • What's great here !

    Located in one of the world's most extraordinary cities, this school offers an exceptionally high level of professionalism and experience.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    Because they do a great job, time after time.

  • Who is this school for ?

    For serious langue-travellers wanting to make the most of improving their Russian while being in an amazing city.

  • Outside of School

    In this city of magnificent palaces and incredible architecture, why not let the school be your guide?

    They have a great socil programme on offer with activities exploring St Petersburg and Russian ciulture both at the school and outside. All are conducted with the intention of further your knowledge of the lanague and culture - one going hand in hand with the other. Some of the activities will be free others at a minimal cost, but all will entertain and enlighten.

    Staff of course, are also available to give you handy tips and tricks for both staying safe and see St Petersburg from the inside-out!