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A stone's throw from the vibrant Viktualienmarkt this German language school provides courses in a welcoming, spacious environment. Sister school to Berlin, it offers a full range of courses: from beginners’ classes for simply getting by, to classes specifically geared to you passing tricky German exams. The have everything you need to achieve your goals. As in the school in Berlin, class-size is small (max 10 students), and excellence their raison-d'être!

No groups, no juniors (less than 16 years old), about 140 students max in summer generally about 100 students all year long, this is a great place to learn German. Apart from the classes, there are also very good accommodation options available, and a full activities calendar. On top of that Munich rocks!

  • What's great here !

    The building, the teachers and its position in the middle of the city. Above all though, you'd have to say the quality of this school and its sister in Berlin make it stand apart.
    Exclusive: 3 to 6 activities/ excursions included in the price!

  • Why do we like this school ?

    We like it because it’s small, friendly and excellent quality. It costs a bit more because of the small class sizes and personal attention, but it’s worth it. Also, it has good accommodation options available.

    We also like it because Florian the owner isn't afraid to get his lederhosen on! ;)

  • Who is this school for ?

    Anyone looking to learn German in a major city (but away from Berlin) in a language school where quality is really important.

  • Outside of School

    It's going to be hard to be bored. The school organizes excursions on weekends, trips, evenings out during the week - some of the photos above will give you an idea. The idea is that you get out, have a place to use and practice some of your German, as well as hang out with friends from school and sample German culture and life. Tip: Order the Bavarian dumplings - yum!
    Exclusive: 3 to 6 activities/ excursions included in the price (except for admission and transprtation if any)


Everything is going well here!
I really like Munich. It's a lovely city and I feel safe here. After losing my way a dozen times on the S-Bahn, I've finally been able to memorize where I'm going ;-)
Pullach, where I'm living, is really green, absolutely beautiful. I get on really well with the family and also with the other female student also living in the house. We talk a lot - in German of course!
The courses are great because there's not many of us in the class and the teacher explains everything very clearly. Because of that I feel like I'm making amazing progress, particularly in speaking.
The only thing that bothers me is the 10 minute walk to the train station and the 40 minutes on the S-Bahn but luckily, more often than not I have the other student with me!
Thanks again for all your precious help and advice!

Elodie A.

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