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From the excellent BWS schools in Berlin and Munich, that for years have provided excellent German tuition to thousands of happy students, comes a new school in Cologne.

Loyal to its serious but fun image the team at BWS have have discovered a great location for their new school. A green, trendy neighbourhood on a quiet street (well, during the day) in the heart of the city on the left side of the river Rhine. The school is situated in an historic building with ultra-modern facilities ... all within a stone's throw of the cities best sights.... There are lots of bras, restaurants etc nearby, as well as a beautiful park complete with little lake for relaxing after class.

It's very well-connected by public transport with a stop just around the corner.

The school itself is on the second floor, with 7 classrooms offering the latest in teaching technology including, projectors, graphic tablets and personal computers in every classroom to help make learning easy.
There is of course a student kitchen where both teachers and students hang out out break times. And on sunny days you can hang out on the balcony while you drink your tea or coffee. Wi-fi is available throughout the school, and the studnet lounge is also equipped with computers for student use. And just in case you want to study... there's a library too!

On the ground floor next to the school is a bar and a small supermarket - for lunchtime snacks perhaps.

You'll love the location as well as the outstanding quality that has made BWS one of the very best German schools in Germany for many years, as you take your seat on the left bank of the Rhine. 
***** OPENING 22nd JUNE 2015!! *****

  • What's great here !

    • Ability to combine courses in Munich & Berlin at no extra cost!
    • The great facilities - balcony etc
    • Great choice of accommodation
    • Central location
    • Hi-tech equipment in classrooms
    • Exclusive: 3 to 6 activities/ excursions included in the price :)
  • Why do we like this school ?

    • They do what they say - serious quality in a smaller school
    • Staff that are available and implicated, ready to help anytime
  • Who is this school for ?

    • For the lucky ones, a brand new schools, with class sizes that are likely to stay low during 2015!
    • Very few French speakers!
  • Outside of School

    The school offers 3 to 6 activities/ excursions a week to help you discover the both city like a local and the surrounding area. They are included in the price (except for admission and transprtation if any)! The aim is that you can immerse yourself in the culture, use your German and of course, never have time to get bored!


It has been 3 weeks since I have been in Cologne, that's a very pleasant city and I feel really comfortable here!

My journey went well. The courses are really good, the lady where I am staying is very nice and welcoming, she eats really well which is perfect for me!

I can practice a lot of sports as I wanted so, basically, everything is going on very well for me!

Thanks again for everything!

Simon G.

Je vous écris pour vous dire que tout se passe à merveille ici. Je suis tombée sur une SUPER famille d’accueil ! Katerina est seule mais très protectrice et super gentille, je m’entend vraiment bien avec elle.
En ce qui concerne l’école tout va dès bien aussi pour le moment. Je suis en train de penser à prolonger mon séjour de deux semaines pour pouvoir faire le certificat fin juillet mais rien n’est encore sûr.

Jessica M.

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